This page contains examples of all the current advertisement sizes that are available in the Connections. All advertisements are available as Colour in the coloured section or as Black and White run of page. Full Page advertisements can appear in the coloured section or Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover and Outside Back Cover. The Inside Front and Back Cover areas can be full page or bleed.

Full Page advertisements

Full Page - example 1 Full Page - example 2 Full Page - example 3

Half Page advertisements

Half Page Colour 1 Half Page Colour 2 Half Page Colour 3 Half Page Mono 1 Half Page Mono 2

1/3rd Landscape advertisements

1/3rd Landscape 1 1/3rd Landscape 2 1/3rd Landscape 3 1/3rd Landscape 4

1/3rd Portrait advertisements

1/3rd Upright 1 1/3rd Upright 2 1/3rd Upright 3

2/3rd advertisements

2/3rds of a page 1 2/3rds of a page 2

1/6th advertisements

1/6th of a page 1 1/6th of a page 2 1/6th of a page 3 1/6th of a page 4 1/6th of a page 5 1/6th of a page 6

N.B - Adverts shown here are not actual size, please refer to the Ad sizes section of this site for correct sizes.